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Francesco Bianchi

Product Designer

I’m a Product Designer based in Berlin with 7+ years of experience. My work spans from designing delightful consumer apps (N26), news and media websites (Edenspiekermann) to complex B2B platforms (HiPeople), and more.

I appreciate products that are built with care and love for details. As a designer, I aim to create apps, websites, or other software that merge form and function with elegance and simplicity.

Over the years, I've ventured into software development driven by curiosity, mostly to experiment with technologies, but also occasionally to build and launch some products (some of which you can see on this website). I believe development is a fundamental skill for my work as a designer, from experimenting with coded prototypes to deepening my understanding of design systems.

Aside from building software, I'm fascinated by the beautiful mess that is the web and seeing how people use technology and integrate it into their lives.

You can contact me here or check out my CV on LinkedIn.

In-depth project case studies are available upon request.

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