Hello 👋

my name is Francesco and I'm a product designer and self-taught developer based in Berlin. Since early 2021 I've been working at HiPeople (early-stage startup in HR-tech) as the first full-time designer. Before that, I was working at N26 and Edenspiekermann.

In the past, I've been learning to code purely for personal passion, and occasionally building some small product as a side project. Currently, I'm building Substratum, an app for designers and teams to collect inspiration and references.

I appreciate products and services built with care and love for details. As a designer, I aim to build apps, websites, or other pieces of software where form and function merge with elegance and simplicity. At the same time, I believe design is a balancing act from tediously refining the most minute detail, and quickly putting an interface together to see how people use it.

Aside from design, I'm fascinated by that beautiful mess that is the web and to see how people use technology and integrate it into their life.

There's not much to see on this website at the moment, but if you want to be up to date on the occasional news or tech meme you can find me on Twitter.