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Product Designer

iOS N26 Bank widget displaying last transactions and shortcuts
N26 Bank - iOS widget design for surfacing key information (e.g., recent transactions, budget) and creating shortcuts to relevant app actions (e.g., new bank transfer).
Substratum - Design and development of an app to collaboratively collect and manage visual assets.
N26 Monthly Spendings by Category: Transaction List and Interactive Graph
N26 Statistics - Detailed page of the user’s monthly spending by category (transaction list and interactive graph to navigate between different months).
N26 Budget Tracking and Income/Expense Graph with Breakdown
N26 Statistics - Main screen featuring budget tracking and income/expense graph (with related breakdown).
Draftify App: Mindful Writing and Thinking Note App
Draftify - Design and development of a note-taking app for mindful writing and thinking.
App Icons: Substratum and Draftify
Substratum and Draftify - App icon design.
UI Makers Club: Job Platform for Design Engineers
UI Makers Club - Design and development of a job platform for design engineers.
N26 Statistics - Interaction and animation details of the category expenses page.
IAM Icons: Identity and Access Management Platform Icons
Icon design for an Identity and Access Management (IAM) platform.
HiPeople Marketing Website Redesign: Branding and UI Elements
HiPeople - Redesign of marketing website and brand + UI elements and styles.
HiPeople Modular Dashboard: Candidate Insights Platform for HR Professionals
HiPeople - Design of the main modular dashboard of a candidate insight platform for HR professionals.
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