Green Ratio

Creating unique digital experiences shaped on a brand's core values

Branding, User Experience, UI, Concept Development
February-June 2014
Raffles College of Design and Commerce
Interaction Design
Visual Design

Green Ratio is a project developed at Raffles college of Design and Commerce in 2014. The aim of the project was to create a new and innovative brand, and to design its most significant design artefacts (packaging, digital products, advertising…). The challenging task and scope of the project was at the end how to convey a unique brand voice through the products system.

Green Ratio Identity

The Brand

Green Ratio is a hypothetical smoothies brand that allows you to customise your drink by selecting the ingredients and their proportions. The store chain is placed in Australia and shaped to its lifestyle, focused on healthy and natural, high quality products.

Green Ratio Identity

The name “Green Ratio” derives from the golden ratio, which is universally known as the proportion of beauty and harmony. Therefore “Green Ratio” can be read in different levels: it represents the perfection of the product related to the green/natural side, but also suggests the idea of proportion, that is linked to the custom-made value of the brand.

Brand Experience

The “custom-made” concept of the brand is spread across the whole experience and visual identity. From packaging that change with the selection of the ingredients, to the message communicated with the advertising and finally, the definition of the digital service.

Green Ratio Identity
Green Ratio Identity Green Ratio Identity

Customer Journey

Designing the app means to consider the whole service, both online and offline, in order to intervene efficiently and create a seamless process. Therefore it has been defined the ideal user journey across the whole purchase experience and defined where and which tasks the digital service should perform for the user.

Defining the digital experience

User Experience design is often limited to the creation of straightforward interfaces, although creating products that look and feel very similar one to another. Understand how to communicate a unique voice of a brand is what makes stronger and better products. In designing the app this came across as particularly relevant in order to stay coherent with the whole system, especially in this case, where the aesthetic and playful components act as an extension of the brand.

Green Ratio Identity Green Ratio Identity

Screens of the app showing the customer journey, from selection to customisation, and finally output and purchase of the product.

Green Ratio IdentityGreen Ratio Identity